Sharis.C, also called Chui ManHing (New Name as Chui Chew Lam, Sharis 崔楚琳)   born in Hong Kong. She is beauty aisle master, the founder of the Blogger Major League, the author of My Love Paradise Beauty Blog and the cosmetology network author in Hong Kong. Sharis.C shares dressing, makeup, fashion and the products of various beauty brand, admired by a large number of people who love beauty.

Sharis.C has grown up in a family with beauty business. Her mother was a beautician and her aunt, who is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner now, used to be engaged in the beauty and cosmetic business and the beauty parlor. Influenced by family, Sharis.C has an innate sensitivity and acuity to the beauty industry. As Sharis.C has been loving delicious food, she was a fat girl, and tried many ways for reducing weight. Excessive reduction of food and other unreasonable methods once made her body unhealthy, and skin become flabby. However, there was no significant effect in reducing weight. Then, Sharis.C carefully study the secrets of success for beauty. The study of nutrition, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and health care and other courses become her hobbies. Furthermore, due to the nature on pursuing beauty, she was willing to experience all technology of medical cosmetology. She has positively shared passages and experience related to cosmetology on internet since 2013. As she suffered difficulties in the past, she comprehensively knew that beauty can only be lasting when it “blooms” from inside to outside. She shared her experience in “The process of weight loss process from 158 pounds to 108 pounds - a strong spirit”, “The first teardrop of weight loss”, “The most tenacious enemy of weight loss - pork belly” and other cosmetology blogs. She knew that people who want to be beautiful should eat right food, do right things, use right objects and maintain the cheerful state of mind, keeping “S” body and beautiful skins. Her process of weight loss and cosmetology experience have been collected by many beauty platforms on internet. They put her experience on in the Editor's Pick in the home page, encouraging female to insist on the road of pursing beautiful.

Furthermore, Sharis.C won the title of champion in the 2015-2016 Miss Angel Modeling Contest of VS (Hong Kong), the Best Miss Angel Look in the Asia Pacific Region Finals, the Summer Beauty Sharing Best Make Up Award of KOSE SEKKISEI in 2016 and the Hong Kong top 8 in the Beauty Bound Asia Contest in 2016.

She also wrote a beauty book to share her experience and published in July,2018, named as <>.

In the future, Sharis.C will unceasingly share her experience in nourishing of life and her beauty secrets on the internet with the female loving beauty, making everyone confident because of beauty.

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